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Welsh Language Services

Design & Build Of Welsh Language Apps, Skills & Services

Mobilise AI work with organisations to provide data modelling and machine learning solutions that solve real everyday business problems, and optimise your organisation, delivering a high quality service, better analytics and cost savings.

Welsh has long been one of the many languages that were not supported by Amazon Alexa or Lex.

The technical challenges of ensuring that systems are able to understand commands in an unsupported were so herculean that it’s no surprise that no one has been able to achieve this feat, yet Mobilise Cloud has managed to develop the technology that allows Alexa to understand the Welsh language: a world first.

Mobilise Cloud are the only organisation to have developed a Welsh language interpretation model that works on either Amazon Connect or Amazon Alexa smart speakers.

Mobilise Cloud built a translation model and integrated this with Amazon Lex (Natural Language Understanding) service to allow us to build Welsh language conversational interfaces that can be presented to customers via telephones or smart speakers.

The technology allows the Welsh language to be used in circumstances where customer interaction is being automated, or for people who want to consume services in Welsh via their smart speakers.

Welsh Language Alexa Skill

We worked with S4C and Y Pod Cymru to produce the first-ever Welsh language Alexa skill called, “Welsh Language Podcasts” which is available on any Amazon smart speaker.

Case Studies

DVLA Welsh Language Alexa Skill

Watch our short video that explains how we helped the DVLA engage with it’s service users in Welsh, using smart speaker technology that is increasingly in our homes.

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S4C Alexa Skill

Mobilise Cloud deployed the Welsh language Alexa skill for S4C, the skill allows anyone to communicate with Alexa in the Welsh language.

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