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Smart Speaker Skills

Hi there, did you know skills can add a friendly voice to the automation of your services?

Design & Build Of Smart Speaker Skills For Enterprise and Local Government

Working with organisations to develop smart speaker technology Mobilise is at the forefront of designing “skills” that bring services to customers or service users in the comfort of their home with voice technology.

Smart Speakers Skills bring voice driven interfaces with the power of language processing and access to the internet and the world of connected services.

Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple Homepod all have affordable, accessible smart speaker technology for the home and business.

Savvy organisations are building skills that take their services straight to these devices without the need for a screen, personalising services and integrating directly with their business and service delivery.

Language Processing

Analyse natural language and users intent to guide them to the service or information that they require.

Access Your Data

Solve a contacts problems fast, with access to your knowledge base and customer accounts, all via voice command.

Integrate Live!

Integrate voice services direct with your service teams delivery calendars, ordering system or support desk. Build new APIs for further integration.

Cross Platform Solutions

Enable your services and systems to be accessible by service users via web, chatbot, phone and smart speaker – all with a shared backend.

Alexa Skills & Voice Software Interface  Development

Our delivery team offer a wealth of experience of working with AWS Lambda and Dialogflow technologies which enable the rapid prototyping and delivery of voice apps with language processing and integration into your organisation’s services.

Build Natural & Engaging Conversational Experiences

Enable new ways for service users to interact with your organisation by building engaging voice and text-based conversational interfaces.

Build easy to use voice apps and chatbots, all driven by AI and your organisation’s systems.

Experience the benefits of your users connecting on the platform that feels natural to them, whether that is your website, mobile app, smart speaker, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, mobile Whatsapp or other devices.

Integrate Voice Direct With Your Service Delivery

At Mobilise AI, we take an integrated approach to developing Alexa Skills Google Actions and other smart speaker solutions.

We work with you to understand your service users, and:

  • Enable them to access knowledge bases
  • Guide them through pathways to the information they require or the service they need
  • Build new digital service delivery tools that enable your organisation to be “always on”
  • Link up with contact centre systems to provide focused greater depth to CRM software
  • Integrate with booking software or quoting software

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Discuss today how the development of Smart Speaker solutions could bring your services closer to your customers.