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Machine Learning

Navigate Your Data To Provide
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Design & Build Of Machine Learning Solutions For Enterprise & Government

Mobilise AI work with organisations to provide data modelling and machine learning solutions that solve real everyday business problems, and optimise your organisation, delivering a high quality service, better analytics and cost savings.

At Mobilise AI we design, develop and deploy machine learning consulting and tools. We work with you to prepare your data ready for analysis, as very rarely is data “analysis ready”.

Our data scientists bring their experience of solving big data and machine learning problems across a diverse range of industries and sectors.

Our team use advanced data science and a full range of machine learning tools adapted to suit your organisation’s need. These push the boundaries of predictive models, reinforcement-learning, classification and segmentation, alongside natural language for powerful processing, insightful analysis and iterative algorithm design.

Data Analytics

Navigate your data lakes and connect your data silos with deep learning to bring business intelligence for smarter operations, faster finance and more engaged marketing.

Internet Of Things

The world of connected devices brings new challenges. And with so many devices monitoring, recording and logging, we help by building useful interfaces and tools to bring visibility, smart delivery and automatic service optimisation.

Natural Language Processing

Using state of the art language processing, understand and deliver the information that customers or service users worldwide want, on the device of their choice and in the language they prefer.

Machine Learning Tech

We work with class-leading technology like Amazon Sagemaker, a tool suite that empowers our developers and data-scientists to build, train and develop machine learning models, with lower cost and faster iteration than traditional machine learning.

We also work with frameworks including TensorFlow, PyTorch, Apache MXNet, Chainer, Keras, Gluon, Horovod, Scikit-learn, and Deep Graph Library.

Explore How Machine Learning Can Help Your Business

Machine learning can be applied to any sector where data is collected or the opportunity for data collection can lead to benefits for the organisation.

Examples include:

  • Analysing past customer behaviour and cross-selling relevant products as the seasons, products and market changes
  • Identify and score likeliness of fraudulent actions across transactions within your organisation
  • Simplify data entry with aiding data inputting with automatic cleaning errors and, intelligent suggestions
  • Enable smart monitoring of property management assets to reduce security costs, initial time to respond to an incident and provide increased visibility
  • Deploy customer service bots that can improve response time, understand language, give customers the answers they want and gain higher customer satisfaction

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