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Contact Centre Automation With Amazon Connect

Elevate customer experiences with modernisation while lowering cost

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    An omnichannel contact centre in minutes with Mobilise and Amazon Connect

    By launching an easy-to-use contact centre that deploys in minutes and offers the same automatic speech recognition technology that powers Amazon Alexa.

    Easy to use

    Enable agents in your housing association to navigate customer sentiment and adjust to changing needs in real time

    Seamless omnichannel experiences

    Deliver personalised experiences across voice and chat.

    Built-in intelligence

    Leverage built in AWS artificial intelligence and machine learning for elevated experiences.

    Read one of our case studies. Learn how we’ve helped councils reduce cost and utilise automation to improve customer experience.

    Contact Centre Automation

    If your housing association contact staff that are spending more time swapping between software applications, filling in forms and repeating the same behind-the-scenes sequence of tasks, then contact centre automation can provide the streamlining you need.

    Automate using:


    Chatbots give service users the information they need on the channels they prefer. Deliver a warmer engagement 24/7, link customers to both knowledge bases and routine processes from your website, phone lines and their smartphone chat apps.

    API’s That Empower

    API’s link your systems together and provide greater automated co-ordination between your departments. Trigger automatically common support requests,  run remote diagnostics and move case resolution forward.

    Robotic Process Automation

    Using intelligent automation, we can work with your existing ERP or CRM systems to automate common business processes, from customer onboarding, account management activities or reporting and diagnostics. Increase the value deliverable by your existing headcount.

    Contact Centre Tech

    Improve first contact resolution, automate call flows, and apply smart analytics across your organisation. With smarter, better-linked interfaces your team can provide a fully connected service with improved outcomes for customers and service users.

    Discovery Through to Delivery

    Our discovery team are experienced in exploring and mapping business processes, stakeholder engagement and bring a team together to provide best-of-class innovative contact centre automation solutions.

    Enhance Initial Contact With Chatbots

    Automating and providing an intuitive experience for first contact can increase service user satisfaction as well as reduce those repetitious conversations for your contact centre staff.

    • In this always-on age service users expect engagement at any hour.  Chatbots can interact with customers direct on Messenger, Whatsapp, your website or phone – with the immediacy and platform choice that customers use daily in their lives.
    • With a chatbot, customers can access your company-wide knowledge base and language processing systems can intelligently lead customers to the response they need, saving you time
    • Chatbots can also intelligently direct the service user to the next appropriate step in your defined customer journey.
    • Processes can be built to link the bot to your ERP system, booking systems and CRM.
    • Service users can then receive confirmations, updates and more automatically on the channels they prefer.

    Link Your Organisation Together With Smart API’s

    API’s can be the glue that enable your different departments to link together more actively and provide greater transparency for managers, teams, service users and partner organisations.

    We help both clients build out their own API’s and use pre-existing API’s to join an organisation together  – maximising value out of existing software systems.

    • Create better dashboards with less application swapping for contact agents
    • Link your CRM system to your invoicing system, or your engineer bookings system
    • Enrich customer data with geolocation information, credit scoring or third-party data sources
    • Trigger sequences of text messages, emails or other communication
    • Automatically place orders or action requests with partner agencies
    • With your own documented API’s, enable partner agencies to use your services fluently

    Speed-Up With Robotic Process Automation

    Remove tedious tasks and free up  contact staff to work on higher value work.

    Typically RPA solutions are low cost, with immediate, visible, time-saving value and increased contact centre staff satisfaction.

    With Mobilise your organisation could:

    • Reduce application swapping and have data filled in on several of your existing application screens simultaneously.
    • Trigger intelligent “canned” responses to the common contact centre requests.
    • Deploy multiple bots with one click to update a customer’s account, confirm orders, update an ERP system and send the customer automatic updates.

    Omnichannel Call Centre Tech

    Mobilise help contact centres focus on provided human-centred engagement with technology that enables, empowers and connects service users with the information, services and outcomes they need.

    In an omnichannel world communication may come in via email, web, phone, chat or real world. We work with organisations to design and build systems that provide cross-channel, connected communication.

    We use technology, including Amazon Connect, to advanced deliver connected contact centre solutions:

    • AI by default means communication although “bucketed” can be tailored to suit the channel that customer prefers to communicate with.
    • React fast, and iterate your processes and communication, we give you the tools to achieve this as your organisation evolves and your understanding of your service user changes.
    • Scale-up with software that enables agents and managers to communicate with a web browser, an internet connection.
    • Enrich your contact centre with digital forms, integration with your ERP, CRM or booking system.
    • Provide advanced and real time analytics.

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